Heifer Cow Funny SUBLIMATION Transfer

Heifer Cow Funny SUBLIMATION Transfer

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The Sheet Size is 8.5 x 11

-Sublimation Transfers are printed and ready to be pressed with a heat press. 

-Sublimation transfers works by dying the fabric and will not leave a texture or raised surface. They do not ever crack or peel. These are NOT Vinyl or Screen Print.

-These MUST be pressed on a minimum of 50% polyester blend. 100% polyester works the best to get the most vibrant colors. 

- You must have a heat press in order for the sublimation transfers to work.

- The shirt/fabric must be a white or light colored fabric. 

-These transfers will not print white! If there is any white in the the image it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.

-The colors on the listing may differ from colors on transfer.

Steps to apply:
1) Pre-press your garment for 3-5 seconds. Lint roll the area where your design will go..
2) Align the transfer where you would like the design to be. Heat tape can help keep it secure and in place (recommended).
3) Place a protective sheet inside the layers of the garment as well as in between your transfer and heat press to prevent color bleed. 
4) Press with medium pressure at 380-400 degrees for 50-70 seconds. **Temperature and time will vary based on your heat press. This is only a guide.

There are no returns on any transfers.  Please message me with any questions before pressing.